I help businesses leverage the newest content platform in the world. Virtual and augmented reality are quickly becoming the best way to generate emotion around your brand, attract new customers, and communicate in ways previously relegated to science fiction. I help people and companies access the newest AR, VR and Mixed Reality platforms emerging from Seattle and the Bay Area.

"Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is indistinguishable from Magic."

-Arthur C Clarke

Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Real Estate, Marketing and Sales...

These are but a few areas that AR and VR are already changing. Rapid inspections and site overviews are now possible with results that can be seen in hours rather than weeks.

If you have a need to demonstrate a space--indoor or outdoor-- to a client without actually having them travel there, it is now possible to transport them virtually from your office to anywhere on earth.

Any product that you can photograph can now be placed into a smartphone user's office or home as a realistic 3D model, allowing them to see it placed to scale in their own environment and increasing their confidence to purchase it.

All of these capabilities and more are possible today. I can help you navigate these emerging technologies and cut costs, increase sales, or attract attention to your brand.

some of my Alaskan projects

designed and 3D printed outdoor weatherproof box for SLR camera, Linux computer, and batteries

turned software model into physical reality by designing and 3D printing a heated enclosure

sharing my passion for creating virtual reality experiences with live coding demos in Anchorage to help others learn to create them as well

turned physical reality into software by utilizing drone flight to build 3D models that can be turned into VR environments

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